• Rotary Letterpress
  • UV Flexographic
  • Digital Offset
  • Cold and Hot Foil Offset
  • In house Art & Pre Press
  • In house Platemaking
  • Digital Asset Management

Additional Services
Artwork Management/ Approval System. Our recent investment in the Esko Webcenter online approval and project management system enables us to provide a complete artwork management system. This web based system can provide significant time and cost savings as it automates the approval process and can be tailored to suit our clients needs including version control and artwork alterations and storage.

Artwork – Design can be unnecessarily expensive when done by specialist design studios. If you have an idea for a label rest assured that we can create perfect print ready files due to our pre-press team’s vast experience and intimate knowledge of our print processes. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of a design agency.

Inventory Management – Where suitable for both parties Label Plus can provide you with a print and store facility. This means you can get the benefit of cost savings that longer print runs afford whilst not having to find storage space at your facility. We can then arrange for labels to be called off as required by you.